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Dog Directory

An online directory for all quality dog sites.

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1 MMORPG warofhell game
1996 2565

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

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2 Boranka Internationaal
328 720
Rank Site In Out
3 Russkaja Mechta Elbin Evgeni
204 417

The online home of my pretty Dobie Evgeni and his ferrety friend Xena.
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4 Dog Directory
114 512

An online directory for all quality dog sites.
5 Dedicated To Topper & Coop
81 416

A site dedicated to our two Border Collie Angels, Topper & Coop.
6 Jordyalan Border Collies
53 492

Breeders of Beautiful Border Collies. See wonderful photo's of our dogs and puppies or browse through our numerous links and info pages. We also have a store and plugboard page!!
7 Dog Topsites
41 494
A new topsites list for dog sites. Add yours today to get free targeted advertising to your site.
8 Famous Pet - Pet Myspace
39 602

Pet social networking site where u can create ur pet's profile, upload pics, add or comment friends,
9 For Love of a Dog
25 436

Handcrafted art jewelry for dog's best friend. Shouldn't your jewelry be as unique as your special pet?
10 For Love of a Dog Top Sites
22 360

Top sites list about dogs and the people who love them. Dog related product, services, information sites welcome. Join us today!
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11 Pet Pawtiques Top 100
20 380
Join our list of top pet shops. All crafters welcome. SUPER ETSY SELLERS SITE.
18 667
Chinese Crested Dogs Kennel from Poland - GATTACA
13 Golden Retriever Photography & Gifts
17 493
Beautiful Golden Retriever dog photography and gifts. Greeting cards, prints, clothing, keepsake boxes, holiday items and much more! Photographer Jennie Marie Schell.
14 Miniature Schnauzers P&S - Stud Dogs - Dar Walentego Piwowar & Glamour Vision Piwowar
9 533
Miniature Schnauzers P&S - Stud Dogs - Dar Walentego Piwowar & Glamour Vision Piwowar
15 Tarzans: Pet Shop UK | Pet Accessories Supplies
7 162
Tarzans - online pet shop in West Sussex, UK selling online pet accessories, pet supplies and pet grooming supplies. We are specialised in supplying dog accessories and many more.
16 Peddler's Paws
7 473
Peddler's Paws brings you healthy and safe alternatives for treats and accessories for your pets. Our educational goal is humane treatment for all animals.
17 the petshop u.k
6 369
We specialise in selling pet supplies online for a wide variety of pets including, dogs, cats, small animals, arachnids and reptiles. We offer a massive selection of pet supplies to suit every size and breed of pet.
18 Borzoi Russian Gold
4 694
Top Latin American Borzoi Kennel.
Best Bloodline from USA & France
19 animal-life
4 375
Diet-feed and supplement-feed: Allergy-diet, thinning-diet, heart-diet, urine-stone-diet, liver-diet, kidney-diet, tartar, milk-substitute, diabetes, construction-preparations, vitamins, mineral-materials, illness-prevention, feed from biological cultivat
20 Danube Dwarf Kennel
3 240
'' A house is not a home without a Spitz !!! ''
21 Shaggy Chic
3 417
Handmade pet fashions, toys, collar charms, and other pampering necessities for your BFF - best furry friends.
22 Dog Boutique
1 332
Find trendy dog collars, jerseys, clothing and more at our punk dog boutique.
23 Kennel Imperija
0 319
Chinese crested & kaninchen dachshund kennel Imperija
24 Max & Samantha: Two Spoiled Rotten Pugs
0 372
Sited dedicated to two spoiled rotten Pugs.
25 Royalworth Kennel & Rescue
0 85
Second generation breeders specializing in mini long-haired dachshunds from Grand Champion lines. Pups demonstrate superior personality, health, and beauty. Go to!
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